"When making one of the most important purchases of a lifetime, it is important to have a realtor that is trustworthy and knowledgeable. My first experience with Ted Banta was when I purchased my first home at just twenty-one years old. Without passing any judgment of my age or budget, Ted diligently searched the market and found the home that was right for me. He promptly returned my phone calls and answered any questions that I had with honesty. My experience with Ted was so great that when I was ready to sell my first home and purchase the next, I did not hesitate to call Ted.

With all of the transactions that I have made in the past and in my current search for rental properties, Ted is dedicated to finding everything within my specifications. I recommend Ted Banta to all of my family and friends who are looking to buy or sell a home. Without a doubt, Ted is the one of the most honest and experienced realtors around. " Sincerely, Joel S.  Catskill, NY

"Thank you again for all your assistance in respect to the closing of the property for your services were invaluable".  Paul D.  Cairo, NY

"I would Like to thank you for your service in selling my home. Most of all, thanks for being a honest and caring person, while doing your job. I appreciate your genuine concern, to make sure, I understood my rights as well as the buyer rights. During my trials and tribulations concerning the sale of my home. Your were very informative and helpful beyond your duties. I will share with my friends and relatives, what a great guy and Realtor you are. I will refer you to anyone I know in the New York area. Letting them know how strong and determined you are, in your profession. Ted, you have a lot to offer, continue being you, thanks again for getting my home sold after three long years. You never gave up!!"  Pearl E., Catskill, NY

"Thank you for going above and beyond in your efforts to sell my Dad's property. I greatly appreciate all of your help over the past months. It's been an absolute pleasure to deal with you." Ed W., Cairo, NY

"Ted is a professional- I can highly recommend Ted and Premier Realty Services for any sort of real estate dealings you may have.  He is industrious, professional, honest, ethical, focused and hard working.  He has the experience of being both professionally and personally on all sides of a real estate transaction, be it acquisition and financing, management and development, or marketing and sales, and he will use that knowledge to your benefit...My feeling is if you are going to be involved in any sort of real estate transaction in Greene County you would be foolish not to interview Ted Banta.  Ted’s levelheaded, direct, hardworking approach is what one needs to have success in today’s unique real estate market." Jeff E., Cairo, NY
"Ted Banta succeeded where other brokers failed, because...we believe, Ted worked far more cooperatively & harmoniously with brokers and realtors from other agencies. Hence we were exposed to buyers coming from many sources, not just one, as seemed to be the case with other agents. Secondly, Ted worked with us in a cooperative, but strong, manner when differences of opinion regarding such matters as price and other strategies arose, other brokers often stayed "stuck in their ways" on issues where viewpoints differed between themselves, and us-the sellers, and often such impasses led to the end of our business relationship.  Ted Banta always proved to work out solutions with us when any apparent impasses arose, and we were able to proceed and move ahead.  In short, in the Catskill area, we found Ted Banta's work in selling our house to have been "head and shoulders" above everyone else's...he sold our house!" Dr. J. S., Catskill, NY
Ted, thanks again for everything it has been a pleasure working with you. Mike A., Cairo, NY
Ted, I wanted to say thanks for all your help in finding a house for my family. Your service was outstanding and I am glad that you were my agent. Steve C., East Durham, NY
Ted, thank you for your professionalism and hard work in selling my dad's home. Living in a different state than the home was located in made it difficult for me but, all the extra effort you put into helping us find local businesses to do work on the property to get it ready for the closing was very much appreciated. Sonia L., Preston Hollow, NY
The Thought of it made me smile as it confirmed that I made the right choice in buying this house, which I just love.  All thanks to you! I have so much to be thankful for Ted.  Regina M., Catskill, NY
...I would like to take this oportunity to express my appreciation for your leadership, commitment, and contributions during the past two years. As Board President, you have been instrumental in the planning and execution of many of our successful programs. Your dedication and hard work have significantly enhanced the overall performance of the CGBR. Suzanne C., Hudson, NY
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed serving on the board with you. You have been a champion for all of us, sometimes under difficult circumstances, yet you always maintained an even, fair tone and never lost your sense of humor. You always presented a high level of integrity to the board and all the members we serve and I thank you for that...
Thanks for keeping your word and making this happen. Paul H., Rhinebeck, NY Principal Broker
Thank you for a job well done...With much thanks and appreciation for all your help with the sale. Marjo H., Round Top, NY
Cairo Durham Little League (CDLL) would like to thank you for your support of our program. We have over 250 children that participate in our program every year. You helped to make that possible...Thank you for your continued support... Mike M., Cairo, NY
For the record, it's been my pleasure as well working with you and hopefully we will reconnect on another venture... John A., Brooklyn, NY
I really liked working with you...I want to thank you very much for working with us. Kim R., Round Top, NY
Ted has served as our property manager for two years. During this time, he has provided our homeowners association with a high degree of professionalism, courtesy, and dependability. We were looking for a property manager who would support our Board of Directors in making fiduciary decisions, giving them guidance in proper procedural practices, and acting as a mediator to help resolve conflicts and to initially handle complaints from owners. He has thoroughly exceeded our expectations and has been trustworthy & competent in all of his actions. We would highly recommend his services to others...Doug & Gail W., Round Top, NY
Ted Banta
Ted Banta
Real Estate Broker